Minimalism is a movement in art and design where the work is stripped down to its original simple features.  The term minimalism is also used to describe a style in architecture and design where the final artwork is reduce only to its necessary elements. Furthermore, minimalism is a movement highly influenced and inspired by the Japanese traditional designs and architecture. Minimalism nowadays plays a vital role in furniture art and design.

Minimalism in furniture design does not always mean that the artwork should be plain. This takes a lot of effort for a designer and sometimes is even very difficult to acquire minimalism. This is because they are usually furnitures with good and simple designs, without unnecessary design additions.  In minimalism furniture design, a furniture must be simple and usable this is what makes. The best description for minimalist furniture is ''quality furnitures that makes you feel good''.

In Cyprus, we have companies that they can offer a very good and nice minimal furniture in good prices. Therefore, if you admire and desire to have this style of furniture in your home, Furniture Limassol provides you a list with companies that may apply to you needs. Furniture designers work very hard in order to create good looking and modern minimal designs. This furniture designs many times are created for mass production and therefore they come at affordable prices. However, many times, prices for minimalistic furniture designs are provided by the designer itself. As a result you can give to the designer the requested price or you can negotiate the price and if you be lucky you can go home this the artwork.

Finally, furniture specifications and guarantee for the particular piece you bought are usually provided by your supplier, the designer itself or the resale company. However, there are some cases of inaccuracy of product information, rare but may exist. Minimalism furnitures are always simple and so you can strait forward see their usage and admire their design. To achieve this simplicity , it  takes a lot of time and effort from the designer itself and this is the reason why sometimes minimalism furniture can be a bit more expensive that other styles but you can never say that they are overpriced.

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