Modern Furniture

Usually when people mention modern furniture, more that often they are speaking about minimalistic furniture designs with elegant lines and unusual shapes and curvatures. However, sometimes modern furniture style is a bit more fancy and ornate than minimalistic furniture designs.

During the early 19th century and before, furniture designs was ornate. Furniture designers during early 1800's and before carved their pieces with the complexity of the sculptures, covering the furniture with busy designs. Materials used for this furniture-making was rich fabrics and gilded woods. Many of this century furnitures was unique designs as they were make by local carpenters. These furnitures they were decorating the houses of the upper class society.

In the latter half of the 19th century all of that changed. This is because of the begging of the modernist movement. That time, furniture designers tried to simplify their designs and tried to design pieces as functional as possible. Those newly designs they were very much unlike the imposing presence of their predecessors.  Heavy, dark and gilded furnitures were replaced with light, clean and minimal designs. Synthetic materials and polished metal started to made their appearance and old fashion upholstery were replaced. In contrast with their predecessors, modern furniture have a geometric appearance.

Modern furniture design also represented a change in philosophy. Before the modernist movement, furnitures was not only a house decoration but a link to the past. Furnitures were kept through generations. Furnishings, was not just a functional object, but a reminder of the family's legacy. On the other hand, modern furniture represented an independent owner who prefer living in the present rather that the past.

In general, modern furniture then represented the impression that new technologies, originality and design are the primary concerns of the owner. Modern furniture designers more than often become very passionate about their work and therefore, they are pushing their limits of furniture design by trying to design furnishings with perfect balance of style and functionality. Modern furniture design also introduced new materials in furniture-making, like metals and plastics.  Unique shapes, textures and colours along with the new materials started to made their appearance. The new style is very much unlike the traditional heavy designs and very quickly started to decorating hundreds of houses.

A new generation of design began to rise that it was quickly widespread by all forms of art and design. Therefore, furniture designers saw in the future and realised that it was the perfect timing for mass production. Having this in mind, they tried to make evolutionary designs that were easily shaped and used materials that were low cost so they could be affordable by everyone. Modern furniture popularity has faded over the years as new styles made their appearance, however, it still remains one of the most remarkable furniture designs.

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